Green energy situation in Italy


The renewable energy sector in Italy is one with the highest potential in Europe, being today a leading producer of electricity from renewable sources. The solar PV capacity has seen a great success, growing 3000% over the past three years. The wind market has also seen constant high levels of investment, with the number of installations increasing by almost 40% in 2012.

The renewable energy market in Italy is set for continuous expansion in the next years to come as the existing government still offers incentives at an adequate level for developers who are interested in investing in renewable in Italy. Italy’s renewable energy sector offers great opportunities for investors and developers and its expansion will create several new jobs and will stimulate the economy. Despite the economic uncertainties the first quarter of 2013 saw 54 million euros invested in the renewable energy sector. The future growth in the renewable energy sector is expected to be driven by increasing pressure to reach EU renewable energy target by 2020. Currently the “Bel Paese” has the highest energy import dependence rates in comparison to other European members. Reducing the energy imports and meeting the EU renewable targets are currently the 2 main objectives of Italy.