Energy Market Price is a service of MarketIntelligenceGroup SA, a privately owned Swiss company located nereby Geneva The EnergyCockpit is the Flagship service of EnergyMarketPrice. Get in one view, accurate and update information on the energy markets, get it into your email box. You choose the information you want to see and we'll bring it to you, on a mail and secured webpage. Full automatic, yet customized. EnergyMarketPrice is an expert in the energy industry. Check out the Energy Statistics page and and get an insight in this sector in each country in Europe, in USA, Europe, BRIC countries and more. EnergyMarketPrice proposes energy solutions to enhance personalized communication toward your clients, peers and all over stakeholders. Easy to use, implemented in a few minutes and automatically updated.
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Monthly Market Update November: Energy - 2014-11-17
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Energy Market Prices
  • 25/01/2015  

  • Brent Spot
    Brent USD/bbl 48.10 -0.69
    Brent EUR/bbl 43.57 +1.81
  • Gasoil Spot
    Gasoil USD/tonne 472.00 -5.00
    Gasoil EUR/tonne 425.97 +17.77
  • TTF Year EUR/MWh
    TTF Y+1 20.01 +0.07
    TTF Cal2016 20.01 +0.07
  • ZEE Month EUR/MWh
    Zee M+1 EUR/MWh 19.57 +0.21
    Zee M+3 EUR/MWh 19.32 +0.20
    Zee M+2 EUR/MWh 19.47 +0.25
  • FR Month base EUR/MWh
    FR M+1 base 41.85 +0.65
    FR Mar15 base 38.73 +0.10
  • BE Quarter EUR/MWh
    BE Q+1 37.06 +0.81
    BE Q4 15 43.60 +0.15
    BE Q3 15 34.20 +0.55
  • NL Year base EUR/MWh
    NL Cal2016 base 37.84 +0.04

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