Online platform for daily updated energy market data and energy commodity prices, weekly energy market review. better energy procurement insights and strategies for managing better you energy contracts portfolio shooter - automatic energy market data and commodity prices feed via XML and Excel market intell - energy market intelligence by country,  energy statistics by country, non commodity transmission and grid costs by country, weekly energy market review, renewable energy market data by country
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Monthly Market Update November: Energy - 2014-11-17
The Energy Cockpit

Take better informed decisions

Your personalized dashboard with daily updated energy market data including Oil, Power, Natural Gas, Coal and CO2.

Energy Market Prices

The energy data you need, when you need it.

Fast and reliable distribution of EnergyMarketPrice's data stream directly to your database.

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Pricing based Reports

You need to get a view on the relation between energy prices and your sales price? Or you want to see a correlation between several energy prices, in order to see if you need to adapt your process?

EnergyMarketPrice proposes studies to answer your questions and reports on all possible correlations between different pricing evolutions.

EnergyMarketPrice reports in a clear and easy to use document. We build your report, and update it on regular basis.

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