(13.09.2017): Weekly Energy Market Review at a Glance

14/09/2017 13:09 Energy Market


Here's a quick snapshot of the main energy indicators in the last 7 days.



BRENT M+1: 53.84 $/bbl

The oil price rose, influenced by the increased demand from the U.S refineries.


Outlook: A decline towards the support level of 52.72 $/bbl, followed by a rise to the resistance line of 55.2 $/bbl.


GAS TTF Y+1: 17.24 €/MWh

The gas price rose influenced by the bullish European energy complex and by the oil price rally.


Outlook: A test of the resistance level of 17.26 €/MWh followed by a bearish correction.


POWER GE Y+1: 35.09 €/MWh 

The price rose, driven by the CO2 price spike and by the bullish continuation of the coal market.


Outlook: A test of the resistance level of 35.20 €/MWh, followed by a small bearish correction.



Microsoft promises to cut carbon emissions by 75% by 2030

17/11/2017 08:01:00

The giant company Microsoft has declared about its intention to lower carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030.


Spanish giant Iberdrola had a 18.4% growth in its net profit

16/11/2017 16:12:00

The Spain’s huge electricity, gas and services company, Iberdrola, gained a €2.41 billion net profit in the third quarter of 2017, or a 18.4% increase compared with the same period last year. 


Greece and EU to finalize discussions on coal-fired plants sale this month

16/11/2017 15:44:00

Hellenic energy minister declared on Wednesday that Greece and the European Union are likely to end discussions on which coal-fired plants the country will put up for sale according to an EU court decision this month.