Akzo Nobel and Gasunie plan to build the largest Hydrogen plant in Europe

10/01/2018 15:27 Hydro


Dutch paints and chemicals manufacturer Akzo Nobel and gas network operator Gasunie aim to construct Europe’s largest green hydrogen production facility in order to cut emissions.

The hydrogen plant will be built in the northern part of the Netherlands. To transform sustainable electricity into hydrogen, the site would use a 20-megawatt (MW) water electrolysis unit. That would mark a significant step in developing the technology, considered important for cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Industrial companies and utilities expect to use excess wind and solar electricity to form hydrogen, which can then be stored for reconversion into power or for direct industrial use. 

Marcel Galjee, Akzo Nobel energy director, declared: “This technology has enormous potential. With this first step, we want to show the real possibilities for building a sustainable industry using green energy.”

The potential plant would generate approximately 3,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, which can either be used by Akzo’s specialty chemicals division or be sold to third parties, such as public transport companies using hydrogen buses. 

Both firms will search interested purchasers in the next months and a decision on the project will be made next year. The building costs could attain tens of millions of euros.


More than 800,000 tons of hydrogen produced by natural gas are being used by industrial factories in the Netherlands each year. Akzo energy director Galiee thinks that switching towards sustainably generated hydrogen will cut CO2 emissions by seven million tonnes. 


Akzo Nobel is one of the main energy-intensive companies in Europe. At present, it uses green sources for 40 percent of its total energy need and strives to be CO2-free by 2050.

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