Daily (18.05.2017): Oil prices surged by around 1% to a two-week high on Wednesday

18/05/2017 11:22 Daily


Oil prices surged to a two-week high on Wednesday after U.S crude inventories declined for the sixth straight week. On May 25, in Vienna, OPEC producers are expected to extend the supply cuts. Brent crude edged up 1% to close at $52.21 per barrel. Meanwhile, U.S. WTI crude price jumped by 0.84% to settle at $ 49.07 a barrel.

British wholesale gas prices rose on Wednesday as Norwegian gas system operator Gassco modified the end date of a planned outage. NBP spot gas price increased by 1.37% to reach 40.70 p/therm. The June 2017 gas contract hiked by 2.55% at 37.33 p/therm.


European spot electricity prices improved on Wednesday, as Germany expected lower wind power output on Friday and the Golfech 2 nuclear plant in France was closed for unexpected maintenance on May 18-19. 


German day-ahead power contract slightly grew by 0.68% at 32.74 euros/MWh, while the German Cal '18 benchmark price rose by around 1% at 29.43 euros/MWh.


French spot electricity prices surged by 2.41% to close at 34.03 euros per MWh, while the French Cal '18 benchmark price settled 0.51% higher at 35.64 euros per MWh.


EU carbon prices grew for the second consecutive day as the auctions continued to show strong demand from purchasers. The EUA Cal2018 contract ended around 1% higher at 4.62 euros/ton.

Macron might have persuaded Trump to change his mind about the Paris agreement

18/07/2017 14:21:00

French President Emmanuel Macron said there is hope that U.S. President Donald Trump might change his mind in regard to the withdrawal of the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.


Egypt targets the increase in natural gas output by 100% by 2020

18/07/2017 13:43:00

The Egyptian petroleum ministry declared that the three recently discovered gas fields will boost Egypt’s natural gas output by 50% the next year, and double it by 2020.


Saipem designated to build offshore LNG platforms in the Arctic

18/07/2017 11:05:00

Russia’s Novatek is planning on surpassing Qatar, the world’s leading exporter in LNG, with the help of Italy’s Saipem, which is expected to be assigned to build LNG platforms on the Gydan Peninsula in the Arctic.