UK's electric vehicles could reach a peak demand of 3.5GW by 2030

13/07/2017 14:18 Energy


According to a long-term forecast by UK's National Grid, electric vehicles (EVs) could raise demand for electricity by 3.5GW by 2030, and by 18GW twenty years later, which is equal to around six Hickley Point nuclear power stations.

The analysis envisages major increase in EVs, seeing as 90% of the cars sold by 2050 are expected to be electric, and increased demand in electricity and later, in decarbonized heat.

The “Future Energy Scenarios” report suggests however that without smart charging, 85GW with the added 18GW amid peak time would be the most harsh sscenario in comparison to today’s 60GW.

Off peak charging times, together with vehicle sharing could signify a growth of 6GW by 2050. During this time, renewable energy is estimated to rise by nearly 60%, together with distributed generation, that is said to reach 93GW. 

The National Grid emphasizes how important the need for decarbonized heat is to meet nation’s 2050 carbon reduction target. Also, the electricity storage capacity could surge fast to nearly 6GW by the end of the decade. 

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