Engie to cut gas prices in France by 3.3% in May

20/04/2017 09:23 Natural Gas


French utility Engie will reduce consumer gas prices in France by 3.3 percent starting from May 1, as reported by Le Figaro.

Since the opening of the French gas market in 2007, former monopoly Engie continues to sell gas to retail customers at tariffs established by energy regulator CRE, but also sells gas at unregulated prices to retail and corporate customers.


Le Figaro announced that Engie has filed a request to the CRE to cut the prices, stating that approximately 6 million households would be affected by this move.


A spokeswoman with Engie did not comment.

Daily (24.05.2017): EU carbon prices slipped back from a one-month high on Tuesday

24/05/2017 11:56:00

Oil futures varied on Tuesday, as oil prices fell earlier in the session following the news highlighting president Donald Trump's plan to sell off half of the United States' petroleum reserves. However, as OPEC's leader, Saudi Arabia, favors extending the output curbs by nine months rather than the initially planned six months, the oil prices increased to settle slightly higher.


Switzerland votes to phase out nuclear in favour of renewables

24/05/2017 10:51:00

Switzerland has voted to abandon nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. A decision was taken after a public referendum to adopt an energy plan that will eventually replace all nuclear energy with solar, wind and hydropower generation.


EU consents lower co-generation surcharges for several German, Italian companies

24/05/2017 08:45:00

EU state aid regulators consented on Tuesday lower surcharges to back co-generation for energy-intensive firms in Germany and Italy.