France government ordered to clean up air pollution

17/07/2017 09:50 Legislation


New order from France’s Conseil d’État binds the government to redress the nation’s air pollution levels by 31st March 2018.

The French government has nine months at their disposal to come up with a plan to settle air quality back within the legal limits, since the Conseil d’État established that the current measures to restore the amounts of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM10) concentrations to a safe number are insufficient.

The ruling follows the announcement that France will interdict the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040, and is similar to the one made in the UK, which requires the British government to deliver an air quality control plan.

Hungary’s renewable support scheme gains EU favour

13/07/2017 10:00:00

The European Commission has approved Hungary’s green energy support scheme, which has a budget of €146 million and will give assistance to renewable energy projects.


Coal mining companies struggle to deal with carbon emissions

13/07/2017 08:55:00

The new report from the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) concluded that many coal mining companies find themselves having a hard time keeping their businesses up to par due to climate change and rising levels of carbon emissions.


100 multinationals set 100% green energy target

12/07/2017 13:12:00

More than 100 multinational companies have committed to generating 100% of their energy from sustainable resources in the RE100 initiative.