France will revise nuclear reduction goal

09/11/2017 16:10 Nuclear


Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot told that the French government will come up with a more realizable target on reduction of the share of nuclear energy in the country's electricity generation.

The former government of Francois Hollande in 2015 set an energy transition legal act which stipulated a goal of reducing the share of nuclear in the electricity mix to 50% by 2025 from the existing 75%.

Hulot declared that this is not tangible, but he did not establish a new deadline: "We will reduce the share of nuclear in the mix as soon as possible,". He also added that completing this task in a fast tempo would boost France's CO2 emissions and could threaten the safety of energy supply and put jobs at risk.

The French official mentioned that the Fessenheim nuclear plant, the oldest plant in France, would be closed during President Emmanuel Macron's five-year ruling period. Macron had committed to respect Hollande's environment objectives. Hulot had said in July that France might have to close as many as 17 of its 58 reactors by 2025 to attain the target.

The state-owned utility EDG, which runs France's nuclear power plants, has claimed to enlarge the operational activities of its nuclear fleet from 40 to minimum 50 years.

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