Georgia Power will continue construction work at the nuclear plant

17/05/2017 13:02 Nuclear


Southern Nuclear and Georgia Power will take in charge the construction management of the Vogtle nuclear plant from bankrupt developer Westinghouse, according to a new service accord.

The deal prolongs an interim agreement until the 3rd of June while the firms obtain approvals to handover project management.


Westinghouse Electric, the US division of Toshiba, was the contractor and designer of the project and it was declared bankrupt this March.


Georgia Power mentioned that it will do everything in its competence to make Westinghouse and Toshiba responsible for their financial obligations.


Georgia Power made the announcement an hour before the agreement was due for expiration. The deal was extended on April 28. At present, the company has a 46% stake in the project.


Georgia Power says to have made an investment of billions of dollars, while thousands of jobs are at stake and project is three years late and $3 billion over its initial budget. The final cost of the project continues to be unknown and the final figure might be announced by the end of this summer.


Co-owners including Oglethorpe Power, MEAG Power and Dalton Utilities and the Georgia Public Service Commission will continue to work with the project in order to complete it.

France: EDF will protect its business position in energy sector investigation

21/09/2017 15:21:00

The French minister of environment Nicolas Hulot declared in July that about 17 reactors could be closed in France by the year 2025, as it tries to reduce the part of nuclear power in its electricity mix.


CGN interested in Toshiba's NuGen (UK) stake

21/09/2017 13:48:00

China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is interested in an equity stake in the NuGen site at Moorside in Cumbria (UK).


Swiss launched new flexible and customisable solar modules

21/09/2017 13:41:00

Switzerland has developed and launched a highly flexible, thin and light solar panel.