Mongolia strives to create regional wind super grid

13/10/2017 14:09 Energy Market


Mongolia has initiated a few huge wind power projects to boost its potential in renewable energy and clean electricity delivery to other states in the area, with the aim to create its own "Asia Super Grid".

The Mongolian officials together with representatives of France's state energy conglomerate Engie kicked off the construction of one of the new wind farms which is planned to be finalised till the end of 2018. 

The planned 55-megawatt (MW) Sainshand plant will be located at 460 km from the Mongolian capital aiming to provide power for a big industrial complex in the region.

Mongolia is a thinly populated state which is heavily dependent on its mineral resources and is striving to vary its economy by supplying clean power to China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. 

Asia's super grid project was started in 2011 having as partners China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. The initial agreement supposed the construction of a cross-border power transmission network.

Mongolia's current renewable plants, counting Tsettsii wind farm inaugurated this week, account for 12 percent of the state’s internal electricity capacity. Still, the authorities intend to increase that share to 20 percent by 2020 and 30 percent by 2030.

The country authorised six wind farms and 24 solar plants, which would be sufficient to attain the proposed goals in the renewable energy field and would even make it possible to export the excess of it.

A year ago, China's State Grid Corporation claimed that Mongolia's total wind and solar capacity would amount to 1,200 GW.

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