Polish companies plan 400-600 mln euros coal gasification project

21/04/2017 10:14 Coal


Polish state-controlled companies Tauron Polska Energia and Grupa Azoty signed a letter of intent concerning cooperation over a scheduled coal gasification project valued at 400-600 million euros ($430 million-$645 million), according to Azoty on Thursday.

The parties had determined that natural gas presently employed for nitrogen-based fertilizers production can be partially substituted with syngas obtained via coal gasification. This might generate new opportunities for the mining industry and aid advance low emissions technology, increasing Poland’s energy security.

The letter of intent illustrates Grupa Azoty’s entry into the business of producing chemicals which have by now been either imported (methanol) or made from externally sourced natural gas (ammonia).  

Azoty declared that the project is aimed at reducing the negative influence which coal and chemical industries pose for the environment.

Tauron Group, one of the biggest business organisations in Poland, ranks as the leading distributor and second-major producer and provider of electricity, with its operations covering 18% of the country.

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