Solar panel prices will go high as EU sets up tariff on Chinese imports

11/09/2017 13:55 Solar


Analysts foresee a price increase up to 30% on Chinese solar modules because of duties to be applied by EU. 

Chinese solar imports are the target for European and US lawmakers. Europe’s solar industry has already expressed its negative attitude towards the new duties on Chinese imports voted by EU. 


Solar Power Europe: Even though the world market prices are falling, the tariffs imposed by EU will reflect significantly on the costs of household installations.


The USA also plans to introduce higher tariffs for Chinese solar modules and cells as it pursues cutting a deal with China with North Korea. 

252 chargers for electric vehicles until 2020 will be provided within NEXT-E project

20/11/2017 16:35:00

NEXT-E project will supply 222 fast (50 kW) and 30 ultra-fast (150-350 kW) chargers for electric vehicles for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania by the end of 2020, as reported by Balkan Green Energy News.


Luxembourg to become a European funding center for renewables

20/11/2017 16:21:00

At the COP23 summit held in Bonn, Luxembourg’s finance and environment ministers met directors of the European Investment Bank to discuss about the institution of a de-risking mechanism to allow the financial backing of ecologically-friendly projects. Luxembourg is a very small country but releases a big amount of emissions and wants to become less polluting.


UK Embassy launches solar power unit in Peru

20/11/2017 11:05:00

A solar project backed by the UK has been officially launched in Peru.