Statoil launches first platform to be operated remotely from land

10/11/2017 15:44 Oil Market


Statoil company made known about its first platform in Norway to be controlled remotely from land.

The major oil and gas company revealed it expects many of its other small to medium dimension rigs to be operated remotely in the future, if the Valemon control room which will run the Valemon platform, in Bergen, is a success.

Gunnar Nakken, Head of Operations West Cluster said that the project is an utmost part for the firm. According to him, they have land-based monitoring and management of offshore operations for an extensive period. The remote control of Valemon emphasizes one significant step towards a digitalization process of the company.

Also, the official announced that most of the production will still be accomplished on large, crewed platforms, such as Aasta Hansteen and the Johan Sverdrup platform, but for a bit smaller platforms and fields it will categorically be considered, once they obtain experience from Valemon.

EU averted about “lost decade” for renewables due to declining costs

15/01/2018 15:45:00

The cost of generating electricity from renewable energies is on the path to attain new lows on the globe, according to projections by the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA).


Poland reached record gas exports to Ukraine

15/01/2018 11:37:00

According to Polish oil and gas firm PGNiG, Poland’s natural gas deliveries to Ukraine doubled in 2017 to reach over 700 million cubic meters.


EU more reliant on Russian gas despite diversification efforts

15/01/2018 11:09:00

Russian major energy company Gazprom, supplied Europe with record amount of gas, despite cold diplomatic relations between Russia and the European Union.