Trafigura signals LNG business expansion in Pakistan

13/09/2017 16:14 LNG


An LNG import terminal is likely to be opened by the commodities trader Trafigura in Pakistan to satisfy the higher demand for gas in the emerging economies. 


The new terminal will consist of a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) which will convert the LNG back into gas for feeding into Pakistan's pipeline grid. 

Shortlisted by Bangladesh, a major new growth market for the fuel, Trafigura looks very ambitious and promising about a project to establish a terminal there in 2018. 

The costs of the Pakistan import project, in which the company has already taken a minority stake, haven’t been announced by the company so far. 

Trafigura considers that it is more efficient and less expensive to set up floating terminals than traditional land-based units.

According to Trafigura, the major battlefields for traders in terms of gas market are Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

Certain industry sources from Pakistan shared that the project initiated by Trafigura, also known as Pakistan GasPort, should start functioning with six months delay, precisely in November, as there are problems in laying a pipeline from the terminal to the country's grid.

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