UK to stay in EU ETS after Brexit, as predict carbon market industry figures

19/05/2017 13:53 CO2


According to a Thomson Reuters survey, organized among over 700 carbon market participants, such as traders, company representatives and government officials, almost 50% of respondents believe that the UK will remain in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) after Brexit.

Other respondents declared that the UK would establish its own ETS, with 21% estimating it would be connected to the EU ETS and 19% stating it would be totally independent.


And 11% respondents considered that the UK will suspend emission trading altogether after Brexit.


The ETS is the world’s biggest scheme for trading greenhouse gasses, requiring countries across Europe to measure and report their carbon emissions, using one allowance for each ton emitted. Firms can trade their allowances, offering an incentive for them to cut emissions.

The energy market in the North of England might be threatened by a hard Brexit

16/08/2017 14:04:00

According to think tank IPPR North, the lack of a stable deal made on energy trade and the withdrawal from Euratom could have a negative impact on the North of England, its energy security and fuel prices in the events of a hard Brexit.


Daily (16.08.2017): Most of the UK wholesale gas prices slipped by 1-2% on Tuesday due to oversupplied system

16/08/2017 11:40:00

Oil prices decreased during the first half of Tuesday’s trading session as ample supply from OPEC and the U.S. combined with the signs of weaker demand in China encouraged investors to sell long positions bought in July during a period of rising prices. Meanwhile, a recent report of a dip in Libyan output and a surge in the U.S. dollar had supported Brent. Brent closed the session 7 cents higher at $50.80 a barrel, while WTI price fell by 0.08% to end at $47.55 a barrel.


Transocean to acquire competitor Songa Offshore for $1.1 billion

16/08/2017 11:31:00

One of the world’s biggest oil rig operator, Transocean, is about to acquire its Norwegian rival Songa Offshore. The acquisition will be carried out through shares and convertible bonds, all worth 9.1 billion crowns ($1.1 billion).