UN receives official notice of US withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

10/08/2017 11:37 Legislation


The US has sent an official notice stating its intention to retreat from the Paris climate change agreement. UN Secretary-General António Guterres got the notification regarding US’ exit from the pact, unless more profitable conditions could be suggested. 

A country that has entered the Paris agreement has the right to withdraw from it three years after the date on which the deal enters into force in that country. 

The US entered the deal on 3rd September 2016, and it has entered into force on the 4th of November 2016.

A spokesman for the UN said the Secretary-General accepts any US effort to re-engage in the Paris Agreement, and that it is crucial that the US remain a leading figure in climate and sustainable development.

France: EDF will protect its business position in energy sector investigation

21/09/2017 15:21:00

The French minister of environment Nicolas Hulot declared in July that about 17 reactors could be closed in France by the year 2025, as it tries to reduce the part of nuclear power in its electricity mix.


CGN interested in Toshiba's NuGen (UK) stake

21/09/2017 13:48:00

China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is interested in an equity stake in the NuGen site at Moorside in Cumbria (UK).


Swiss launched new flexible and customisable solar modules

21/09/2017 13:41:00

Switzerland has developed and launched a highly flexible, thin and light solar panel.