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Daily (19.02.2018): UK day-ahead gas price hiked by almost 3% on Friday due to colder weather forecasts

Oil prices soared on Friday backed by a rebound in global equities market and a weaker dollar. Brent crude was up 0.8 percent, to end at $64.84 per barrel. WTI futures increased by 0.6% to $61.68 per barrel.

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Daily (16.02.2018): WTI crude surged by 1.2% on Thursday as investors covered short positions

Brent crude slightly decreased on Thursday due to a weaker dollar. Brent futures ended down by 3 cents, or 0.1%, at $64.33 a barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude hiked because of covered short positions by investors. WTI surged 1.2 percent, to end at $61.34

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Daily (14.02.2018): EU carbon prices soared by around 5% on Tuesday to reach fresh six-year peaks

Oil prices rose insignificantly on Tuesday after weaker dollar rebounded from an early fall as the International Energy Agency predicted that supply might surpass demand. Brent futures increased 13 cents, or 0.2 percent, to end at $62.72 a barrel. WTI crude slipped following U.S. crude inventories data, closing 0.2% down at $59.19 per barrel.

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Daily (13.02.2018): EU carbon prices jumped by 2.7% to attain a three-week peak

Oil markets were slightly bearish on Monday after world equities began to recover from losses in their biggest one-week decline in two years, while weaker dollar made crude cheaper for other currency holders. Brent crude slipped by 0.3% to close at $62.59. WTI crude increased by 0.2% to settle at $59.29 per barrel.

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Daily (09.02.2018): German spot power price tumbled by 18.2% on forecasts of higher wind generation and lower demand

Oil prices fell to their lowest level in seven weeks on Thursday due to worries regarding increasing global supplies after Iran declared about its plans to boost production and U.S. crude output hit record peaks. Brent crude slumped by 1.1 percent, to settle at $64.81 per barrel. WTI crude edged 1% lower at $61.15 per barrel.

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