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Daily (10.04.2018): NBP spot gas price hiked by more than 2% due to declining wind generation and higher demand

Oil prices rose on Monday, supported by a recovery in the stock market as worries over a trade war between the United States and China eased. Brent crude added $1.54, or 2.3%, to close at $68.65 a barrel. WTI futures surged by 2.2% to settle at $63.42 a barrel.

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Daily (09.04.2018): Milder weather and low demand made German day-ahead power contact to plunge by 53.2%

Oil prices declined on Friday as tensions in trade war between U.S. and China strengthened, following U.S. President’s threats to impose new tariffs on China.

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Daily (06.04.2018): UK day-ahead gas price dropped by 1.4% due to additional flows from LNG tankers

Oil prices slightly increased on Thursday being supported by strong global equities as tensions in trade war between U.S. and China eased.

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Daily (05.04.2018): French day-ahead power price hiked by 13.6% on Wednesday due to higher demand

Oil prices decreased on Wednesday, mainly due to China’s proposals for a series of tariffs on U.S. exports.

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China reaches 2020 carbon target before the schedule

China has achieved its carbon emissions goal for 2020 three years before the schedule.

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