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Daily (19.07.2017): Oil prices jumped by 0.8% on Tuesday supported by strong demand from China

Oil prices jumped on Tuesday, supported by strong demand from China. Nevertheless, many markets are well supplied and oil for prompt delivery is trading at heavy discounts to forward futures, consequently crude oil prices remain under pressure and trading volumes are quite low. Brent crude edged up by almost 0.9% to close at $48.84 a barrel, while WTI price rose by 0.83% to end at $46.40 a barrel.

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Daily (14.07.2017): Oil prices rose 1.4% on Thursday as world oil demand is picking up

Oil prices rose on Thursday on evidence that world oil demand is picking up, notably in the United States and China, the world's two biggest oil consumers. Growing demand is helping to drain a global fuel glut but the rebalancing of the oil market is taking longer than anticipated. Brent crude jumped by 1.42% settling at $48.42 a barrel, while the WTI price increased by 1.3% to $46.08 a barrel.

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Iran and Total to collaborate for South Pars with new IPC gas contract

Iran prepares to sign a new deal on Monday, with France’s Total and China's CNPC, to establish its giant South Pars gas field, as stated by an Iranian oil ministry official on Sunday

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EU reinforces ties with climate deal members after U.S. decision to withdraw

The EU declared on Monday it promised to cooperate with China, the world's biggest polluter, to achieve the target of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, following the Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

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California carbon trading market could be linked with China

California Governor Jerry Brown declared on Thursday about his plan to discuss merging carbon trading markets in his state and China when he goes to Asia later this week, denoting his ambition to influence global climate change policy.

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