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Daily (10.11.2017): German day-ahead power price fell 39% on forecasts of tripled wind generation

Oil prices increased on Thursday, encouraged by supply reductions by major exporters as well as ongoing worries over political developments in Saudi Arabia.

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Daily (07.11.2017): EU carbon prices hit a 21-month high on Monday

Oil prices jumped on Monday to hit their peak since July 2015 as Saudi Arabia's crown prince cemented his power over the weekend with an anti-corruption restriction, while markets continued to constrict.

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Daily (27.10.2017): Brent crude price hit a 27-month peak on Thursday

Brent crude settled at a 27-month peak on Thursday as the market concentrated more on comments from Saudi Arabia about stopping a global supply glut instead of an unpredicted rise in U.S. crude inventories, increased U.S. output and exports.

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Daily (26.10.2017): German spot power prices boosted by lower wind generation and colder weather

Oil stabilized on Wednesday close to a four-week peak after major exporter Saudi Arabia stated that it was determined to stop a supply glut that has influenced the market for three years. Brent crude futures rose 11 cents, or 0.20%, to end at $58.44 a barrel. Meanwhile, U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude traded 0.6% down at $52.27.

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Daily (11.10.2017): EU carbon contracts hit the highest level in a month on Tuesday

Oil prices increased on Tuesday after Saudi Arabia declared it would reduce oil exports in November, while a huge amount of U.S. offshore output remained offline.

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