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Siemens Gamesa will deliver turbines for 500MW offshore wind project

Siemens Gamesa plans to offer its latest 8MW turbines to a French offshore wind project.

read more... 12/01/2018


Siemens Gamesa to construct the first private wind park in Egypt

Siemens Gamesa obtained 262MW turbine supply and a 15-year maintenance contract in Egypt.

read more... 05/01/2018


Siemens will supply vessels serving the wind sector

The ships serving the wind sector will be supplied by a new Siemens system in Germany.

read more... 05/12/2017


Siemens is prepared to assist in upgrading Russian power plants

German engineering company Siemens is set to take part in the modernisation of Russian power plants.

read more... 05/10/2017


Arkona wind farm enters first phase of construction, foundation is laid on the seabed

Construction of the German Arkona wind project in the Baltic Sea has started, with the foundation of the wind farm already being laid out on the seabed. The next phase of the development will consist of the installation of 60 monopiles, on top of which the towers, together with the Siemens wind turbines, will be raised.

read more... 24/08/2017