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OVO Energy presented household vehicle-to-grid charger

The world’s first widely-available domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charger ever produced has been unveiled by OVO Energy, a UK gas & electricity company.

read more... 19/04/2018


UK: The first blockchain energy trade has taken place

The first blockchain energy trade in the UK has occurred at Hackney’s Banister House Estate, as stated by Verv, the energy trading platform via which the deal was possible.

read more... 17/04/2018


The first coal to hydrogen project launched by Japan and Australia

A multi-billion-dollar project has been launched by Japanese and Australian governments aiming to produce liquefied hydrogen from coal for Japan's southeastern region.

read more... 13/04/2018


Daily (12.04.2018): WTI crude jumped by 2% to reach new peak on Wednesday

Oil prices hiked on Wednesday, reaching a new high after Saudi Arabia announced it intercepted missiles over Riyadh and U.S. President Donald Trump averted Russia of forthcoming military movement. Brent added $1.02, or 1.4%, to close at $72.06 a barrel. WTI futures rose by 2% to end at $66.82 a barrel.

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British Gas will increase energy prices by 5.5%

British Gas will increase the price of its most extensively used standard tariff for clients obtaining electricity and gas by an average of 5.5 percent from May 29, as declared by parent Centrica on Tuesday.

read more... 11/04/2018