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France government ordered to clean up air pollution

New order from France’s Conseil d’État binds the government to redress the nation’s air pollution levels by 31st March 2018.

read more... 17/07/2017


German ministry is against regional bans on diesel cars

Germany's transport ministry is opposing the ban on diesel cars at the regional level as a means of tackling air pollution.

read more... 14/06/2017


Britain plans to reduce pollution by small-scale electricity plants

Britain seeks to reduce health damaging air pollution with emissions standards for small-scale power plants employed to produce reserve electricity at short notice and to stop the increasing use of diesel generators.

read more... 18/11/2016


Beijing to prohibit coal use in six districts

Chinese capital unveiled it will ban the coal use in its six main districts by the end of this decade, as Beijing is increasing efforts to fight air pollution.

read more... 05/08/2014


EC’s legal action against UK over failure to meet its air pollution target

The European Commission has initiated legal procedures against the UK, which is now facing fines of approximately 300 million pounds a year since it has failed to meet by 2010 its objectives of cutting nitrogen dioxide levels, believed to cause premature death and affect children’s lungs. About 29,000 people per year are dying prematurely because of small particles in air pollution, which can cause cancer, heart attacks and respiratory disease.

read more... 21/02/2014