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Electric vehicles could lift UK peak power demand by 5-8 gigawatts by 2030: National Grid

The growing use of electric vehicles could increase peak electricity demand in Britain by between 5 and 8 gigawatts (GW) by 2030, National Grid said on Thursday.

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Daily(10.07.2018): German day-ahead electricity price surged by almost 61% on Monday, supported by bullish carbon, coal and oil futures

Oil prices increased on Monday, with U.S. crude ending a choppy trade higher on expectations for a Canadian production stoppage lasting until September. Brent crude rose by 1.2% to $78.07 a barrel, due to impending sanctions on Iran and falling output in Libya. WTI crude edged 0.1% higher to end at 73.85 a barrel.

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Daily (06.07.2018): German day-ahead electricity price slumped by 7.7% due to rising wind supplies

Oil crude prices dropped on Thursday, due to rise in U.S. crude inventories concerning the potential trade war between world’s major economies - China and the United States. Brent crude slipped by 1.1% to $77.39 a barrel, while WTI Crude dropped by 1.9% to $72.94 a barrel.

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Daily (04.07.2018): German day-ahead electricity price gained almost 7% on Tuesday due to lower wind generation

Oil prices rose slightly on Tuesday, due to imminent U.S. sanctions against Iran and an outage at Syncrude Canada facility that reduced crude supplies. Brent crude soared by 0.6% to $77.76 a barrel. WTI crude edged 0.3% higher at $74.14 a barrel, reaching a new peak since the end of 2014.

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Daily (03.07.2018): French day-ahead electricity price jumped by 30.7% on Monday as nuclear reactors were off for maintenance

Oil crude prices surged on Monday, as increased supply from Saudi Arabia and Russia and U.S. sanctions against Iran weighed down on demand. Brent crude slumped by 2.7% to $77.3 a barrel, while WTI crude slipped by 0.3% to $73.94 a barrel.

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