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Iberdrola to enter Italy's retail electricity market by the end of the year

Spanish utility Iberdrola will enter Italy's retail electricity market by the end of the year and is aiming 5-7 percent of the nation's over 37 million consumers, one of the group's top managers declared on Tuesday.

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UK's electric vehicles could reach a peak demand of 3.5GW by 2030

According to a long-term forecast by the National Grid, electric vehicles (EVs) could raise demand for electricity by 3.5GW by 2030, and by 18GW twenty years later, which equals to around six Hickley Point nuclear power stations.

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Russian firm bought Siemens turbines for Crimea

The Russian government-owned company Technopromexport bought four electricity turbines for the power plants it is building from the aftermarket.

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Works on NordLink cable to Germany to start in August

Works on the first part of NordLink power cable to Germany, which will be 600km (373 miles long), will start in August, and will provide electricity to more than 600,000 households.

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Germany produced record 35% of electricity from green energy in the 1st half of 2017

Germany’s electricity from renewable sources accounted for 35 percent in the first half of 2017, or an increase of 6% compared with the same period last year, according to the BEE renewable energy association.

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