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Total’s entry in the French retail electricity market will shake prices

French oil major Total affirmed that it would start a price war with EDF and Engie in the French power retail sector, as it plans to offer a 10 percent price discount.

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Shell aims to enter UK electricity market

Shell Energy Europe announced its intention to enter the UK ellectricity market. For the sake of electricity supply it has applied for a licence to provide power to industrial and commercial businesses in Britain. The licence should be signed now, as planned by oil giant, in order to start supplying electricity at the beginning of next year.

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Iberdrola to enter Italy's retail electricity market by the end of the year

Spanish utility Iberdrola will enter Italy's retail electricity market by the end of the year and is aiming 5-7 percent of the nation's over 37 million consumers, one of the group's top managers declared on Tuesday.

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Electricity market liberalization in Greece continues with the sale of coal-fired plants and coal mines

The energy ministry of Greece announced on Tuesday about the plans to sell by June 2018 some coal-fired plants and coal mines corresponding to 40% coal-fired capacity of the state-owned dominant power utility Public Power Corp (PPC), in order to open up the electricity market. Energy ministry will hold a market test to identify potential investors by November 2017.

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What are Non Commodity Costs and How They Affect Your Business

Compared to previous years, we can see that the wholesale electricity market in the UK is low. More specifically, average wholesale electricity prices for the past 5 years have fallen more than 14%, with the strongest downturn from 2013 to the end of 2016, when prices declined more than 23%.

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