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Europe should follow France in reducing carbon emissions

Eddie O’Connor, the Founder and Chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power suggests that European countries should follow the advice given by French President Emmanuel Macron and cooperate to develop an interconnected energy market based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

read more... 09/02/2018


Kazakhstan launches an online platform for greenhouse gases reporting

Kazakhstan has just launched an online platform to monitor, report and verify emissions sources and greenhouse gases.

read more... 07/02/2018


Bosnia: ERS will construct a 48 MW wind park

Bosnia’s second-largest power utility ERS launched a tender on Tuesday seeking consultants to advise it on developing a 48 MW wind park to aid the Balkan nation diversify its energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

read more... 02/02/2018


China plans to launch the biggest emissions trading system in the world

China made a comprehensive strategy for world’s largest emissions trading system. More than 1,700 power companies and three billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be covered by the system.

read more... 23/01/2018


Global emissions will stabilise by 2030

Due to major changes in the global energy landscape, especially related to electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable generation, CO2 emissions are expected to be quite the same by 2030.

read more... 18/01/2018