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Spanish union desires 2050 extension for domestic coal power plants

One of Spain's biggest industry unions, UGT has strongly recommended the Spanish government to ensure the survival to 2050 of coal burning power plants.

read more... 15/03/2018


Italian company will construct a solar plant in Iran

The Italian firm Carlo Maresca will construct a $100-million solar power plant in Iran.

read more... 06/03/2018


Poland: Modus Energy begins construction of 12 solar power plants

Green energy firm Modus Energy AB, division of the Lithuanian Modus Consortium, is starting to build 12 PV plants in Poland and will fund the project with €11 million ($13.5 million).

read more... 28/02/2018


Leningrad II-1 begins power launch stage

Russian regulator Rostechnadzor gave the green light for Unit 1 of the Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant to enter the power start-up phase. Power start-up requires bringing the unit to 50% of its electricity production capacity in preparation for commercial operation.

read more... 26/02/2018


Innogy enters Australian solar market with projects totaling 460 MW

German energy company Innogy acquired project rights for two solar power plants in Australia estimated at over 460 megawatts in the context of its green energy extension outside its main European market.

read more... 20/02/2018