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Daily (16.04.2018): German and French forward electricity contracts hit new record highs on Friday

Oil prices were boosted on Friday by concerns about the possibility of Western military action in Syria and reports of declining global oil inventories.

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Record renewable energy produced in Portugal

Portugal generated more power from green sources than it needed last month.

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UK’s coal production declined to unprecedented lows in 2017

The overall British coal production fell to a record minimum of 6.7% of the generation mix in 2017, as indicated by new data from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which also reveals that output from oil and nuclear dropped, but insignificantly.

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Daily (28.03.2018): European carbon prices soared by over 5% to hit 7-year record level on Tuesday

Oil prices closed a bit lower on Tuesday as stocks fell and industry group data showed an unpredicted rise in crude inventories. Brent crude settled almost constant at $70.11 a barrel, meanwhile WTI futures edged 0.5% lower at $65.25 a barrel.

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Global carbon emissions reached a record level in 2017

The global energy demand increased by 2.1% last year, leading to a hike in carbon emissions for the first time since 2014, according to IEA. The statistics show that CO2 level jumped more than twice compared to 2016.

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