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EIB to back renewables in Belgium, Spain, Portugal

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved more than EUR 3.4 billion (USD 3.96bn) in financing for clean energy projects globally, among which is an offshore wind farm in Belgium.

read more... 19/07/2018


Sweden to reach renewables target 12 years early on wind surge

Swedish utilities and power generators have already installed so many wind turbines that the Nordic nation is on course to reach its 2030 renewable energy target late this year.

read more... 05/07/2018


EDF Renewables and PGGM Sign Agreements on Wind and Solar Projects in the United States

PGGM to acquire 50% ownership in a 588 megawatt portfolio

read more... 21/06/2018


Engie boosts renewables role with French Langa purchase

Engie strengthened its position in the solar and wind energy sectors in France with the acquisition of the Langa group, the company announced Wednesday.

read more... 12/06/2018


Bangladesh to boost renewables use with $55 million World Bank loan

The World Bank will provide USD 55 million (EUR 47m) in debt to Bangladesh to enhance renewable energy use in rural areas of the South Asian nation.

read more... 01/06/2018