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Finland will close most of coal power industry and will increase carbon taxes in 2018

Finland has a goal to get rid of coal as an energy source by 2030. To achieve this new legislation will be approved next year, imposing a ban on the coal plants, however leaving "room for maneuver" to ensure the security of supply. Some coal-fired power plants could still be available, to avoid the risk of blackouts.

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Coal-generated power hit 135-year low in UK

Last month coal reached a historical low in the UK’s total energy mix, contributing only 2%, or the lowest level in the last 135 years. On the other side, gas-fired power represented around 40% of the total energy in the UK, nuclear power made up 32% and renewables accounted for 18%.

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Adani will start constructions of its Carmichael coal mine in October

Indian mining company Adani has disclosed that works on the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland will start in October, and the first coal from the mine will be received in March 2020. The overall cost of the project will reach $16.5 billion.

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China: 6,000 non-coal mines to be shut down by 2020 to improve safety

China will close 6,000 non-coal mines in a try to reduce mining accidents and deaths by 2020, as stated by the State Administration of Work Safety in a five-year plan.

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Restructuring of Polish mining industry boosts net profits

The Polish coal mining industry saw an 80% rise in net profits this year compared to the last, when the coal mining industry was in the process of restructuring and coal prices were high.

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