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Shell aims to enter UK electricity market

Shell Energy Europe announced its intention to enter the UK ellectricity market. For the sake of electricity supply it has applied for a licence to provide power to industrial and commercial businesses in Britain. The licence should be signed now, as planned by oil giant, in order to start supplying electricity at the beginning of next year.

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Poland: Energa wishes to stop purchasing renewable power certificates

According to Polish Energa calculations, an amount of around 110 million zlotys ($31.20 million) could be saved next year if it cancelled long-term contracts which were signed for purchasing certificates that displayed some of its power was produced from renewable sources.

read more... 12/09/2017


UK should extend its power sector, as diesel and petrol cars ban will increase the number of electric cars

Britain must build new power plants, grid networks, and electric vehicle charging points to avoid local power shortages, supporting millions of more battery-powered vehicles over the next two decades. Replacement of banned diesel and petrol cars with electric is technically feasible, and if drivers can be persuaded to recharge them overnight - when spare power capacity is abundant - the huge infrastructure cost could be reduced.

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Dutch power operator Alliander receives €300 million EIB loan

Dutch network company Alliander’s subsidiary, Liander, will receive a loan of €300 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to upgrade and enlarge the Netherlands electricity grid.

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ENTSO-E signs deal with Ukraine and Moldova on the condition of future interconnection

A new agreement between ENTSO-E and Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica regarding the interconnection of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the power systems of Continental Europe.

read more... 24/07/2017