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Norway offers a record number of 75 new offshore exploration leases

Norway delivered a record seventy-five new offshore oil exploration leases to energy firms in the recent bidding round.

read more... 17/01/2018


Exxon Mobil discovers major oil reserves off Guyana

Exxon Mobil Corp declared that it had found a major oil reservoir off the coast of the South American state of Guyana.

read more... 09/01/2018


The exploration expenses of the big oil companies decline for the fifth year in a row

Despite the strongest beginning for oil prices in the last four years, the major oil companies in the world are not very eager to hasten the search for new resources as their willpower to retain capital discipline surpasses the hope of making successful discoveries.

read more... 05/01/2018


Forties Pipeline is now fully operational

The Forties Pipeline, closed for maintenance repairs after a crack on its onshore section in Scotland, restarted its activity.

read more... 04/01/2018


New segment of China-Russian oil pipeline starts operation

The second section of the China-Russia oil pipeline launched its operations. This led to an increase in China’s annual imports of Russian gas from 15 million to 30 million tonnes per year.

read more... 02/01/2018