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Triton analyses onshore plans

An intermediate electrical compound (IEC) might not need to be built by the developers of the offshore wind 860MW Triton Knoll farm in the UK North Sea.

read more... 22/09/2017


Total invests in solar, EREN and GreenFlex, aiming renewables growth

Total increases its share in renewables by investing in solar and wind energy producer EREN RE and energy efficiency company GreenFlex.

read more... 20/09/2017


Scottish scientists obtained hydrogen from tidal energy for the first time

A Scottish research and demonstration centre declared being the first in producing the hydrogen gas from the tidal energy.

read more... 15/09/2017


NEC battery storage system for Swiss

EKZ will get an 18 MW battery storage system from the Japanese NEC

read more... 11/09/2017


Investments in climate projects, top priority for Sweden

An investment plan of SEK5 billion (£485m) in environmental and climate projects has been announced by the Swedish Government.

read more... 06/09/2017