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Europe Divided Over The Future Of Nuclear

In Western Europe, nuclear energy is being hit by a political and ideological storm. The refusal to integrate it into the “green investment” label of the European taxonomy was yet another proof of Brussels’ unwillingness to continue the nuclear gamble, and rather prioritize hydrogen, offshore wind, and solar.

read more... 18/02/2021


Nuclear faces ‘a lot of uncertainty’ as EU green evaluation looms

The European Commission’s in-house research body, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is putting the finishing touches to a report about the safe handling of radioactive waste that could be fateful for the future of Europe’s nuclear industry.

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German, Canadian reactors set new world records

The single-unit Grohnde nuclear power plant in Germany has produced more than 400 terawatt hours of electricity since it started up in 1984 - the only reactor to have achieved this milestone. Meanwhile, unit 1 of Canada's Darlington nuclear power plant has set a new world record with 1106 consecutive days of continuous operation.

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French nuclear retreats from 12-month high amid early start to 2021 maintenance

French nuclear generation availability is trending lower with three reactors scheduled to come offline for maintenance Feb. 6, market data showed Feb. 5.

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UK power sector CO2 hits 14-month high

The carbon intensity of the UK power sector reached its highest level in over a year in January, as rising demand coincided with low wind production and restricted nuclear capacity to boost fossil-fuel generation.

read more... 04/02/2021