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Germany shuts down 15 coal-fired power plants

Germany shut down 15 coal-fired power plants over Easter to ensure that the country would meet its climate neutrality targets, with Economy Minister Robert Habeck saying that the plants were “neither necessary nor economical”.

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Germany shutters seven coal power plants as energy crises eases

Seven lignite-fired power plant units with a combined generating capacity of 3.1 gigawatt will be shut down in Germany at the end of March after the plant’s planned decommissioning was postponed due to the 2022 energy crisis.

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Poland needs coal plant subsidies beyond 2028

Poland will need an extension of EU rules that allow coal plant subsidies until 2028 as it will require coal power generation until it builds its first nuclear plant next decade, the top energy security official in the new government told Reuters.

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Departing from coal: Poland’s new energy roadmap

The election of a new government in Poland has enabled the country to tackle its coal-dependent energy system and bring the country in line with EU climate change targets.

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Poland plans to set end date for coal power

Poland plans to set an end date for coal-fuelled power, the country's Secretary of State for Climate Urszula Zielinska said on Monday, marking a shift from the previous government's stance on climate change.

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