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German hard coal importers want extended run times for reserve plants

Germany's hard coal importers want the Berlin government to prolong the operation of hard coal-to-power generation plants enlisted in last year's energy crisis beyond the targeted end of March 2024, the VDKi lobby said on Tuesday.

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Germany approves bringing coal-fired power plants back online this winter

Germany's cabinet on Wednesday approved putting on-reserve lignite-fired power plants back online from October until the end of March 2024, the economy ministry said, as a step to replace scarce natural gas this winter and avoid shortages.

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G20 per capita CO2 emissions from coal rise 7% from 2015

Group of 20 nations have increased per capita emissions nearly 7% from coal-fired power since 2015, with China and India adding new plants, and Australia's CO2 count per head nearly three times higher than the world average, research showed on Tuesday.

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France allows coal plants to operate until end-2024

The French government today published a decree increasing the number of hours when coal-fired plants are allowed to operate until the end of next year.

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‘UK abandons proposed law to ban coal power generation’

The government has reportedly scrapped a plan to pass a law to ban coal power generation in Britain.

read more... 26/06/2023