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Germany to subsidise electric bills with 13 bln euro grid fee payment

Germany will subsidise power bills next year by paying just under 13 billion euros ($12.8 billion) towards the usage fees charged by the four high-voltage transmission grid companies (TSOs), economy minister Robert Habeck said on Wednesday.

read more... 06/10/2022


French grid operator RTE to return more than 1 bln euros to clients

France's power grid operator RTE said it intended to return more than 1 billion euros ($961 million) to its clients at the start of 2023, a total matching this year's revenue windfalls prompted by tensions on the electricity market.

read more... 29/09/2022


Greece to give energy savers bigger power bill subsidies

Consumers who cut down their electricity consumpion over the winter months will be rewarded with bigger power bill subsidies, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday.

read more... 21/09/2022


EU warned against ‘patchwork’ of taxes to alleviate energy crisis

Emergency EU measures presented last week to alleviate the burden of high energy prices on consumers risk creating a patchwork of different interventions across Europe and depress investments in renewable energies, industry sources have warned.

read more... 19/09/2022


France caps power prices increase at 15% next year to shield consumers

Power and gas price increases for French households will be capped at 15% next year, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said on Wednesday, as governments across Europe look to tackle prices that have soared after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

read more... 15/09/2022