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Daily (30.05.2019): German spot power price plummeted by over 61% ahead of holidays due to lower demand in the region

Crude oil prices declined on Wednesday, as China claims to put further pressure on the trade war with the United States, by using its dominant position in rare earths – a group of 17 chemical elements used to produce various electronics, industrial and military equipment. However, recent supply disruptions in U.S. limited gains. Brent crude decreased by 0.9% to $69.45 a barrel, while WTI futures closed 0.6% down at $58.81 a barrel.

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Daily (29.05.2019): NBP spot soared by 4.3% on Tuesday, on expectations for colder weather

Oil prices were flat on Tuesday, as bullish signals from flooding at several distribution hubs around the United States offset the ongoing bearish sentiment that the trade war could hurt economic growth and reduce oil demand. As a result, Brent crude remained untraded at $70.11 a barrel, while WTI futures settled at $59.14 a barrel.

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Daily (27.05.2019): Brent crude recovered by 1.4% on Friday, posting however its biggest loss of 2019

Crude oil prices rose on Friday due to the long US and UK holiday weekends, offsetting concerns about rising inventories and weak global demand. As a result, Brent crude climbed by 1.4% to $68.69 a barrel on Friday, while WTI futures added 1.2% to settle at $58.63 a barrel.

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Daily (24.05.2019): WTI futures slumped by 5.7% on Thursday, amid growing U.S.-China trade concerns

Crude oil prices plunged on Thursday, heading for a 6-month low, weighed by fears that the prolonged trade dispute between U.S. and China is turning into a technology cold war, or a threat to the global economic growth. Weaker U.S. data, swelling U.S. crude inventories and softer global demand outlook due to the easing U.S.-Iran tensions put more pressure on prices. WTI futures plummeted by 5.7% to 57.91 USD/bbl, while Brent crude price dipped by 4.6% to 67.76 USD/bbl.

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Daily (23.05.2019): European carbon prices spiked by nearly 4% on Wednesday, on looming tight supply and higher gas prices

Crude oil prices dropped on Wednesday, after data showed that U.S. crude inventories surged unexpectedly amplifying concerns over a weaker oil demand raised by the lengthy U.S.-China tariff dispute. WTI futures closed 2.7% lower at 61.42 USD/bbl, in tandem with falling equities. On the other side, rising tensions between Washington and Iran coupled with OPEC’s intentions to continue output cuts helped limit the fall in prices. As a result, Brent crude price dropped by 1.7% to 70.99 USD/bbl.

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