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Daily Energy Overview, Thursday, December 2, 2010

European power forwards sharply increased early on Thursday, partly due to a demand-driving cold snap which strengthened energy spot prices. Germany's Cal2011 baseload rose 70 cents at 50.25 euros per MWh, reaching a two-month high, while the French Cal2011 rose 50 cents at 51.75 euros, reaching the highest level in six weeks.

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Nord Stream will start to supply gas by the end of 2011.

Half of the first part of Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea has been completed. This pipeline will supply Russian gas directly to Germany and EU. More than 600 km of the sub-sea pipeline has been built already and the natural gas supplies from Russia to the EU can probably begin at the end of 2011.

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The Germany's Renewable Energy Act

Hermann Scheer was the main architect of Germany's Renewable Energy Act, which set up a system of incentives paid by utilities, which had encouraged hundreds of thousands of home owners and investors to participate in building solar and wind power systems.

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German utilities conclude a risky deal.

The four operators of nuclear power in Germany made a deal, last month, with the government, agreeing to extend the life of the plants by a 12 year average.

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Gas imports bill in Germany reduced by 3.2%

Gas imports bill in Germany for the first semester of 2010 reduced by 3.2%, arriving at 12.2 billion euros, comparing to 12.6 billion for the same period in 2009, according to BAFA data on Thursday.

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