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A third of German power is generated from renewables

A third of Germany’s electricity in 2017 was supplied by renewable energy, according to the calculations made by the Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW).

read more... 29/12/2017


Germany launches the tallest wind turbines in the world

New German wind turbines, considered the tallest in the world, are now operational.

read more... 21/12/2017


Germany on the path to have hydrogen powered trains by 2021

Rail manufacturer Alstom plans to replace the diesel vehicles of the transport authority Elbe-Weser-Verkehrsbetriebe (evb) with hydrogen-power trains from December 2021.

read more... 12/12/2017


Siemens will supply vessels serving the wind sector

The ships serving the wind sector will be supplied by a new Siemens system in Germany.

read more... 05/12/2017


Several German villages are 100% supplied by renewables

Local communities are very close for the green power transition in Germany, with some villages using 100% renewable energy.

read more... 27/11/2017