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Northern Ireland's first large-scale solar farm has obtained the go ahead

The largest solar farm in Northern Ireland has been given the go-ahead by the Government. The 27-acre solar farm located in Tullynaskeagh Road, Downpatrick will be connected to the nearby NIE sub-station and national grid, representing the first approval for such a large-scale solar farm in Northern Ireland. The solar project will have a total capacity of 5.1MW, capable of generating electricity to power more than 1,500 homes.

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Poland to adopt a new shale gas regulation by the end of the year

Poland’s environment ministry is ready to draft new regulation for the exploration and extraction of shale gas and send it to the government for approval before the end of the year, declared Poland's Minister of the Environment Maciej Grabowski.

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Rosneft to pursue expansion in gas market with $1.8 billion acquisition

Enel SpA, the Italian electric utility company, the second-largest in Europe by market capitalization, unveiled that it will sell its 40% stake in Arctic Russia BV, a joint venture with Eni that owns 49% of SeverEnergia. Enel will receive 1.8 billion USD from Rosneft and the completion of transaction is subject to regulatory and other approvals.

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Romania: Chevron won the approval to start shale gas exploration

US oil giant Chevron obtained permits to drill exploration wells for shale gas in the areas in eastern Romania. Chevron will explore for shale in three blocks of 670,000 acres near the Black Sea. The permits will consent to Chevron to drill at depths of between 10 and 15 meters within an area that measure 1,800 square kilometers.

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UK’s largest solar farm connected to the National Grid

Lark Energy has obtained the approval from Charnwood Borough Council in November 2012, and has built the solar farm in a record time of less than 8 weeks.

read more... 15/04/2013