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EDF cuts 2016 nuclear production after reactor restart postpones

French state-controlled utility EDF on Thursday reduced its 2016 nuclear power production for the second time this year after previously announcing that the restart of five nuclear reactors experiencing safety checks would be postponed until the end of December.

read more... 04/11/2016


EDF defers production restart at two nuclear reactors

French state-run utility EDF has delayed the planned restart of two nuclear reactors, French grid operator RTE announced on its website on Monday.

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EDF will test 12 nuclear reactors in carbon investigation

French state-controlled utility EDF declared on Wednesday it would accomplish more tests on 12 nuclear reactors during their scheduled outages in the future months, which might affect the length of the outage period for several of the reactors.

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EDF’s board of directors approve the final investment decision for Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in UK

French electricity giant EDF made the final investment decision to build the two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, in south-west England.

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NuGen to defer the Moorside nuclear plant to 2025

The first reactor at the Moorside nuclear plant which NuGen is planning to build in Cumbria, in Great Britain will be delayed until “the end of 2025” and not in 2024 as previously expected.

read more... 20/05/2016