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Bulgaria authorizes electricity price cut deal with ContourGlobal

Bulgaria's energy regulator on Thursday approved the electricity acquirement deal between U.S. power firm ContourGlobal and the Balkan country's public electricity supplier NEK.

read more... 28/08/2015


Poland: Enea will stop taking coal from Bogdanka in 2018

Polish third largest electricity company Enea declared it would stop taking coal from its major supplier Bogdanka since it could not reach an agreement on 2016 prices, as stated by Enea on Friday.

read more... 25/08/2015


French minister limits EDF electricity price increases again

French Energy Minister Segolene Royal limited an intended increase in household power prices on Thursday, overruling regulatory endorsements designed to compensate electricity supplier EDF for earlier controls.

read more... 17/07/2015


Verbund increases 2015 profit estimation, close to grid settlement

Austrian hydropower supplier Verbund increased its 2015 earnings forecast on Thursday, declaring it was close to an accord over sharing power grid costs with other Austrian utilities.

read more... 13/07/2015


Centrica to import more gas from Russia, Norway

Centrica, the largest supplier in the UK, has extended existent contracts with two of the world's largest producers, Russia's Gazprom and Norway's Statoil, move that will increase kingdom’s dependence on gas imports, as its production diminishes.

read more... 14/05/2015