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France says energy firms agree tariff to help small businesses

France's power suppliers have agreed to offer small businesses struggling with price rises a guaranteed tariff of 280 euros ($298) on average per megawatt hour, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said.

read more... 09/01/2023


Poland’s power liquidity falls to all-time low

Total power liquidity in Poland's commodity exchange TGE fell to an all-time low in 2022, although volumes recovered slightly in December compared to the previous month owing to lower power prices.

read more... 06/01/2023


EU Works On Overhaul Of Power Market To Lower Energy Bills

The European Union is working on proposals designed to decouple gas prices and renewable energy prices in what could be a major overhaul in the bloc’s power market amid an unprecedented crisis.

read more... 04/01/2023


Finland Proposes 30% Windfall Tax On Power Companies

The Finnish government has announced on Thursday that it has proposed a temporary windfall tax on profits from the country's electricity companies as part of a European Union response to soaring power costs. The proposed 30% tax would apply to any profits exceeding a 10% return on capital in 2023, with the government estimating it could bring in between 500 million and 1.3 billion euros ($533 million-$1.9 billion).

read more... 30/12/2022


Nordic region could be power importer by 2025

The Nordic region’s shrinking power surplus means it could switch from being a net exporter to a net importer between 2025-2027 in certain weather conditions, said Swedish TSO Svenska Kraftnat (SvK).

read more... 22/12/2022