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U.K. in becoming more environment responsible.

The institution of civil engineers (ICE) released a report called State Of The Nation – Infrastructure 2010 which shows that the U.K. has renewable energy supply but need to increase efficiency and speed up the up-scaling of green technologies in order to draw carbon emissions down.

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Romania attracts wind investors.

Bucharest made its renewable energy a priority hoping to meet EU carbon emission targets, by having 20 percent of its power coming from renewable energy.

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Energy Market Overview

On Wednesday, European carbon emissions futures increased to 15.90 euros per tonne on firm German electricity, while benchmark certified emissions reductions increased 7 cents to 14.21 euros per tonne.

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Imports of coal in Germany increase despite green lobbying

Coal imports in Germany seem to increase, regardless the worries concerning the carbon pollution and anti-coal lobbying, which have prevented many coal-fired projects.

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European carbon emissions have increased a little

The price for European carbon emissions for December delivery increased by 0.4% to arrive at 15.31 euros a tonne on Wednesday, while the price for certified emissions reductions for December delivery raised 0.6%, attaining 13.47 euros a tonne, establishing a spread of 1.84 euros between EUA and CER.

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