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Iran eyes purchasing and storing gas in Azerbaijan

Iran has expressed its interest in buying Azerbaijani gas and is considering the option to store its gas in the underground gas storage facilities of this country, declared Iran's Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mojtaba Khosrow-Tajat a press conference in Baku.

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Europe is looking towards Azerbaijan for gas security

The EU is looking southwards for natural gas supply, eyeing Azerbaijan as a vital route for European energy security amid mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine, posing a threat of cutting off gas supplies.

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Turkey: TPAO to purchase Total’s stake in Shah Deniz gas project

Turkey's state-controlled oil company Turkish Petroleum Corp (TPAO) has decided to buy 10 percent stake of the French energy firm Total in Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz gas project, as declared on Thursday by two sources familiar with the matter.

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A conglomerate run by BP awards a contract of $375 million for Shah Deniz gas project

A conglomerate run by BP and the South Caucasus Pipeline Company has awarded a contract for pipeline construction estimated at $735 million to a consortium of companies to facilitate the expansion of the Shah Deniz II gas project in Azerbaijan which gives Europe a possibility to diminish dependence on Russian gas.

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Greece creates preconditions for natural gas privatization with Azeri SOCAR

Greece agreed last week to sell the operator of its natural gas grid to the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, SOCAR.

read more... 23/12/2013