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Europe adds 2.6 GW of offshore wind in 2018

The European offshore wind industry added 2,649 MW of net capacity in 2018, the bulk of which in the UK and Germany, but saw installations drop 15.8% from the record 2017, show statistics by WindEurope, released today.

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Construction for Nord Stream 2 pipeline: 30% completed

The Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which will carry 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea, is around 30 percent completed, according to Nord Stream 2 AG's Financial Director Paul Corcoran on Tuesday.

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German offshore wind hits 6.4 GW, industry calls for at least 20 GW by 2030

Several industry associations in Germany are calling for an offshore wind capacity goal of at least 20 GW by 2030 and a special tender for no less than 1,500 MW in the first quarter of 2019.

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Germany’s 2019 hard coal imports set to rise after its last two mines close

Germany is expected to import 45-million tons of hard coal in 2019,up roughly 1.4% from 2018 despite mounting competition from renewable energy, as the closure of domestic mines reduces domestic supply, importers say.

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Renewables power in German public supply tops 40% in 2018

Renewables were responsible for 40.4% of Germany’s net electricity production on the public grid last year and ranked as the second largest power generation source, a new report shows.

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