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Tule Wind Power Project approved

The US Department of the Interior gave approval to the construction of a 186 MW Tule Wind Power Project owned by Iberdrola Renewables. The project is the first one approved for public lands among the other five wind projects agreed on by Secretary Ken Salazar and then by the governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009. The wind project will be built in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains of San Diego County, California (USA).

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Greece to invest 1 billion euros in solar power

According to the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Greece, Evangelos Venizelos, the country will attempt to accelerate the approval of three PV large-scale photovoltaic projects worth 1 billion euros.

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Four energy majors in a huge North Sea investment

The UK oil giant, BP, alongside its partners Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell have won the British government approval to invest US$15.7 billion (GBP10 billion) in the development of a huge oil field in the North Sea over the next five years.

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Italy energy demand to increase 10% by 2025

Total energy demand in Italy is likely to increase from 177.5 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) forecasted in 2011 to 186.6 million toe in 2015 and 195.5 million toe in 2025 with Italian economic slowdown, following approval of the government's austerity plan, weighing on short-term energy demand and according to a recently published report by the Italian oil refining body Unione Petrolifera (UP).

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BP reveals £700 million oil project move

The energy major, BP announced that it has won a government approval to invest up to £700 million (USD 1.128 billion) in extracting oil from a North Sea reservoir, creating more than 1,000 jobs.

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