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Russia agrees on nuclear cooperation with South Africa

Russia agreed to supply uranium to South Africa, a deal which could boost trading exchange of two countries.

read more... 06/08/2010


Abundant nuclear supply reduces power prices in Europe

European electricity prices fell sharply on abundant supply and low demand.

read more... 05/08/2010


EDF and Areva advised to cooperate in nuclear sector

EDF and Areva, two French companies which compete in nuclear sector, are pushed by the French government to form a union in order to successfully compete on the booming nuclear world market.

read more... 30/07/2010


Costs for building the experimental fusion reactor in Europe twice higher than initial calculations

A new delay was announced concerning a multi-billion-dollar nuclear fusion project International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is expected to start operating by 2019.

read more... 28/07/2010


A new tax for nuclear energy in Germany

German parliament proposed the introduction of a new tax on nuclear energy. The tax would constitute 220 euros/gramme of nuclear fuel, and it would rise as long as plants will continue operating.

read more... 19/07/2010