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Vestas to reach 3000 MW of installed capacity in Italy

Vestas has achieved 3000MW of installed capacity in Italy, which accounts for 40% of the total installed wind energy in the country and 25% of its renewable energy obligation under EU 2020 targets.

read more... 31/10/2012


Vestas receives an order for a new project in France

Danish manufacturer of wind turbines Vestas has received an order from Ostwind International for the delivery of 12 units of its V90- 3MW wind turbines for the new Atrebatie project in France. The Le Bois du Haut, Le Vert Galant, and Garimetz wind farms will be composed from 12 wind turbines with a total capacity of 36 MW.

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Vestas to build its first V100 turbines in Italy

Vestas will build its first project consisting of 11 units of the V100 wind turbine in Tuscany, for the Santa Luce Wind Power Plant. The project is the first on Italian soil to use the V100 and includes delivery, transportation, installation and commissioning of turbines.

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Vestas to halt production at China plant on expected weak demand

Danish wind turbine maker, Vestas Wind Systems has decided to halt production at its factory in Hohhot, China, making redundant 300-350 employees.

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Vestas CEO: U.S. wind market to fall 80% in 2012

According to CEO of the world’s biggest turbine maker, Vestas, the U.S. wind market is likely to decline by 80% in 2013 because of the expiry of the U.S. production tax credit (PTC) for renewable energy at the end of this year and it is believed that the new Congress will not renew the legislation before its expiry.

read more... 11/06/2012